Panos Merkouris / Introduction to the TRICI-Law Project

Adrián Grant Hap / Introduction to the GLOBTAXGOV project

Emily Sipiorski / The Interpretation of Good Faith Performance in International Investment Law: Additions to Justice?

Javier García Olmedo / The Relevance of CIL and its Interpretation to the Standing of Dual Nationals under IIAs

Cees Verburg / Quantifying Damages in Energy Related Investment Arbitration: Interpreting and Applying Rules of CIL

Frederik Heitmüller / Actors in International Tax Law Making and Customary Law Formation

Tarcísio Diniz Magalhães / The MLI’s Conference of the Parties as an Opportunity for True International Tax Multilateralism

Dirk Broekhuijsen / The Impact of the MLI: International Tax Law and CIL Ripple Effects

Dr. Diego Mejía-Lemos / Identifying and Interpreting CIL in International Investment Law: General Issues

Irma Johanna Mosquera Valderrama / The Principal Purpose Test in MLI and International Law: Its Interpretation and CIL Status