Panos Merkouris
TRICI-Law Project Introduction
Adrián Grant Hap
GLOBTAXGOV Project Introduction
Irma Johanna Mosquera Valderrama
The Principal Purpose Test in MLI and International Law: Its Interpretation and CIL Status
Diego Mejía-Lemos
Identifying and Interpreting CIL in International Investment Law: General Issues
Dirk Broekhuijsen
The Impact of the MLI:  International Tax Law and CIL Ripple Effects
Tarcísio Diniz Magalhães
The MLI’s Conference of the Parties as an Opportunity for True International Tax Multilateralism
Frederik Heitmüller
Actors in International Tax Law Making and Customary Law Formation
Cees Verburg
Quantifying Damages in Energy Related Investment Arbitration: Interpreting and Applying Rules of CIL
Javier García Olmedo
The Relevance of CIL and its Interpretation to the Standing of Dual Nationals under IIAs
Emily Sipiorski
The Interpretation of Good Faith Performance in International Investment Law: Additions to Justice?