Panel 1: Reflections on the Interpretation of CIL

Chair: Panos Merkouris (University of Groningen)

Pauline Westerman (University of Groningen): The Illusion of Gold-Digging: Interpretation of State Practice
Eleni Micha (University of Athens): Custom Dynamics and the Interpretation Exercise
Craig Eggett (Maastricht University): ‘General Principles of Law’ and the Interpretation of Custom

Panel 2: Patterns in CIL Interpretation Across International Courts and Tribunals

Chair: Serena Forlati (University of Ferrara)

William Worster (The Hague University of Applied Sciences): The Application of Logic and Reason in CIL Interpretation
Steven Wheatley (Lancaster University): The Function of Time in CIL Interpretation
Silviana Cocan (University of Montreal): Judicial Dialogue between International Courts as a Method of Interpretation of Customary International Human Rights Law

Panel 3: CIL Interpretation in the Case Law of International Courts and Tribunals

Chair: Noora Arajärvi (Hertie School of Governance and Université Paris Nanterre)

Neha Jain (European University Institute): Managerial Custom: Assertion, Avoidance, and Backstop in the Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunals
Paula Baldini Miranda da Cruz (Leiden University): The Interpretation of ‘direction and control’ in ARSIWA Art. 8 in the Investor State Arbitration: The Case of State Owned Enterprises
Tamás Molnár (EU Fundamental Rights Agency): The Court of Justice of the EU and CIL Interpretation: Close Encounters of a Third Kind?

Panel 4: Controversies and Issues in CIL Interpretation by International Courts

Chair: Geir Ulfstein (University of Oslo)

Raphael Oidtmann (University of Mannheim): Reconciling Conflicting Norms of CIL – Towards a Mode of Practical Concordance at the ICJ
Ezgi Yildiz & Umut Yüksel (The Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies, Geneva): How Inconsistent Takes on Custom Shape State Practice
Leoni Ayoub (Maastricht University Alumnus): Judicial Effectiveness or Judicial Ambiguity: Is CIL an Instrument for Judicial Activism in Excess?

Panel 5: CIL Interpretation and Coherence

Chair: Freya Baetens (University of Oslo)

Charalampos Giannakopoulos (Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore): Coherence and (Practical) Legal Reasoning: Goal, Method, or Both?
Henrique Marcos (Maastricht University): Abandoning Foundationalist Dreams: Coherence in Customary International Law
Harlan Grant Cohen (University of Georgia): The Court-Custom Paradox