The TRICI-Law and EUDIPLO projects are organizing a Workshop in Groningen on the 28th of April 2023. The Workshop aims to examine the interpretation of customary international law within and by the EU. This will be done by taking a dual perspective:

1. An outside-in perspective in which we analyse how CIL has been and is being interpreted in the EU legal order and which choices are made by the legislator and the judiciary; and
2. An inside-out perspective in which specific interpretations of customary international law by the EU may find their way into the global debates and lead to further clarification, development and/or even possible modification of the existing rules.

Those interested in submitting an abstract are invited to do so until the 24th of February 2023, and to also consult TRICI-Law’s findings here, which describe what is meant by interpretation of customary international law. 

For further instructions (abstract word count; CV etc.), see the call for papers here

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