Registration for the TRICI-Law Project’s upcoming Workshop on ‘Interpretation in International Law: Rules, Content, and Evolution’ June 11 2021 10am CET IS NOW LIVE.


You can find an in depth description of the Workshop HERE


10.00-10.30 Opening Remarks: Professor Panos Merkouris (TRICI-Law)
10.30-11.30Keynote Speech: Professor Hélène Ruiz Fabri (MPI Luxembourg)  
12.00-13.30Panel 1: A Normative Approach to Interpretation in International Law: Prospects and Challenges
Chair: Professor Pauline Westerman (Groningen)
Professor Gleider Hernández (KU Leuven and Open Universiteit) – Indeterminacy, Authority and International Law as a System
Dr Daniel Peat (Leiden) – Disciplining Rules? The Evaluative Dimension of Articles 31 and 32 of the Vienna Convention
Dr Sotirios Lekkas (TRICI-Law) – The Uses of the Works of the International Law Commission in International Adjudication
14.00-15.30Panel 2: The Rule of Treaty Interpretation and its Evolution
Chair: Professor Ramses Wessel (Groningen)
Professor Kirsten Schmalenbach (Salzburg), The Impact of Rules and Acts of International Organisations on the Interpretation of Treaties
Dr Irina Buga (De Brauw) – The Treaty Impact of Subsequent Customary International Law: Pushing the Boundaries of the Rules of Interpretation?
Professor Panos Merkouris (TRICI-Law) – The Principle of Systemic Integration
16.00-17.30Panel 3: Interpretation and Sources of International Law Beyond Treaties
Chair: Professor Photini Pazartzi (Athens)
Dr Eva Kassoti (Asser Institute): Interpretation as a Tool for Ascertaining the Creation of Obligations in International Law: A Unified Framework for Interpreting International Juridical Acts
Dr Odile Ammann (Zurich) – The Interpretation of Customary International Law: Art or Science?
Dr Efthymios Papastavridis (Oxford; Athens) – The Interpretation of Security Council Resolutions
17.30-18.00Concluding Remarks

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