On 21 February 2019, Prof. Panos Merkouris spoke at ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’ Conference organized by the GLOBTAXGOV Project at Leiden University in The Hague. The conference was part of a two day research event co-organized by TRICI-Law and GLOBTAXGOV, as a cooperative event of two ERC-funded projects. The conference followed a workshop hosted by TRICI-Law at the University of Groningen the previous day.

Prof. Panos Merkouris (l)
Prof. Panos Merkouris (l)
As a speaker at ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’ Conference, Prof. Merkouris presented during session two of the event dedicated to the topics of investment law, international law and dispute resolution. Prof. Merkouris spoke about the renewed relevance of customary international law and its interpretation in these legal landscapes and within the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ context.

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